Cornell University

Overview: Cornell University has been a grantee of the Foundation for over a decade. First as student and then as graduate of Cornell, Scott has supported a range of programs and departments at the university. Most notably, Scott sits on the Advisory Council of Entrepreneurship@Cornell, a function of the university that helps create and promote entrepreneurship education, events, commercialization, and experiential learning opportunities. Gila graduated from Cornell in 2012, where she participated in the Cornell Prison Education Program (CPEP), which provides courses leading to college degrees for people incarcerated in upstate New York State prisons. This program allows CPEP students to build meaningful lives inside prison and prepares them for successful re-entry into civic life. Since joining the Board, Gila has supported CPEP and other programs designed to combat recidivism. Both Gila and Scott support the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute in New York City.