Guiding Principles

Nurturing innovation

Entrepreneurship and innovation are at the heart of our Foundation’s legacy. We appreciate the courage and discipline that comes with bringing an idea to life. As such, we support bold ventures, in new and existing organizations, that bring fresh thinking, perspectives and models to enrich society.

Questioning the status quo

Society tends to settle into patterns that may work against the pace of progress. We encourage our partners to constantly question the status quo and examine the assumptions that may stymie positive change.

Fostering meritocracy

We envision a world where all people have the tools to maximize their potential. Creating equal access to such tools has been at the heart of the Foundation since the beginning. Stanley’s business was founded with the vision of creating a meritocracy of the minds; and Rita’s roots as a social worker exposed her to the injustices vulnerable people face.

Investing in leaders

Individuals who have the potential to empower others to positive action are the key to improving society. We acknowledge the importance of these leaders and support efforts to develop and strengthen these pioneers of social change.

Creating abiding partnerships based on mutual respect

We seek to strengthen organizations and their core capacities, rather than be a source for narrowly defined programs. As such, we develop thoughtful, long-term collaborations with organizations and invest funds for an extended period of time to help us work toward our goals.

Giving beyond the money

We utilize 360 degrees of resources to forge partnerships with nonprofits and help achieve our goals. We regularly share our time, networks and expertise in order to leverage our philanthropic impact.

Celebrating family relationships

With three generations on the Board of Directors, we celebrate the interests of family members and are driven by their passions.